PVC Shower Panels

If you’re looking for high quality, longlasting PVC shower panels, then Just Panels can help! We supply a range of highquality, easy to install and easy to maintain PVC shower panels which are bothstylish and affordable!

The Benefits of Choosing Just Panels PVC Shower Panels:

PVC shower panels are a cost effective and effortless way to transform your shower. Today,more and more people are choosing PVC shower panels over traditional methods ofdecorating such as tiling. Here at Just Panels, we don’t find this surprisingas PVC shower panels have a range of benefits which make it the obvious choicewhen decorating your bathroom. Below are some of the key benefits of choosingPVC shower panels:

  • PVC showerpanels are easy to install as they can be fitted directly over existingsurfaces such as tiles by using our Fix All adhesive. This means NO groutingand NO drying time.
  • PVC showerpanels also fit together using the tongue and groove system which means they simplyslot together, this is useful as it means you can mix and match panels tocreate a truly individual style.
  • The showerpanels are durable and waterproof and provide you with a smooth, professionalfinish which will transform your bathroom.
  • PVC showerpanels are easy to maintain as they simply wipe clean, they are also mould resistant.
  • The rightPVC shower panel can also provide a degree of insulation and can help to reducecondensation levels within your bathroom. See our Marbrex Decorative Panels formore information.
  • PVC showerpanels are also available in a range of styles and colours to satisfy alltastes. Whether you want to create a luxury bathroom or you want something moreminimal, at Just Panels we guarantee to have something you’ll love. To see ourstyles, click here.
  • Finally, PVCshower panels are an affordable and long lasting method of transforming yourshower effortlessly.


Quality PVC Shower Panels:

With ourmany years of experience and knowledge, we pride ourselves on supplying high quality PVC shower panels to customers across the UK. For more information aboutour range of PVC shower panels, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.