There is no such thing as a silly questions and we welcome all enquiries. However, there are some things that come up regularly so we’ve listed these below.


All of our panels and flooring are fully waterproof WITH the correct trims.

There are different ranges available for floors, walls and ceilings.

Here is a link to the floors.

Most ranges are a minimum of 2.4 metres high.

2.4 metres = 7’10.5″

T&G literally means ‘tongue and groove’.

It is a terminology that has been traditionally used in wooden cladding for the method of joining panels together.

Many of our panels and flooring products use a version of this jointing system to allow quick, easy and waterproof installation.


All our Luxury Vinyl Tile and Click Fit systems are fully waterproof provided they are installed according to the manufacturers instructions.

No we do not have the facilities to be able to do this.

However most of the panels can be easily cut to size on site without the need for specialist tools.

If you have ordered non-stock panels we are not able to accept returns.

If you have ordered stock items and they are still in the original packaging we are happy to accept returns. However if you require collection this will incur a charge.

If you have ordered extra and now do not want to keep them , their will be a 25% restocking charge.

If you need clarification on whether your choice of panel is a stock item or not please contact us.

No we are a supply only company.

If you live locally to us (Staffordshire) we have a list of recommended installers that we are happy to provide.

Aluminium trims are made from metal which is a more expensive and harder wearing product.

They are harder wearing than the PVC trims so we recommend them if you are concerned about high traffic or heavy cleaning.

We also recommend aluminium trims in hard water areas to prevent tarnishing and staining.

Just like tiles or carpets there is a wide range of materials, designs and prices.

We have ranges to suit every style and budget.