How to Fit PVC Panels

Please follow carefully the manufacturers mounting instruction for a perfect result

  • Panels are universally applicable.  It can be installed in every room of your home.  But it is especially conceived for fitting into 'wet' environments (bathrooms, kitchens,...)
  • Panels are virtually maintenance free.  They are easily cleaned with normal domestic cleansing products (do not use abrasive or solvent containing products)
  • Panels also have a range of products for exterior application.  Ask for details

Fitting Instructions:  Just Panels are easily fixed to almost every surface.  Depending on the type of wall or ceiling you can choose different types of fitting

Nailing:  Apply nails evenly and level in the panel lip.  Be careful not to hit the panel with the hammer.  This method only applies when fixing the panelling to a wooden surface or battening

Stapling:  Use stainless staples when fixing to plaster.  This method is most recommended when fixing to wooden battening.  Make sure the battening is flat and level, packing out where necessary on uneven walls so that when applied the panelling does not develop curvature following wall contours

Gluing:  Only works when applied to an even, dry wall.  The wall  must be free of any greasy substances and dust.  Only use specialist adhesive.  Ask for advise

In case of damp or uneven walls we recommend the use of treated timbers for battening.  Ensure that you leave sufficient ventilation behind the panelling by providing air gaps between the battening.  Position battens with 40 to 60 centimetre intervals

Use end profiles to finish off the panelling

Check the temperature around heat radiating objects.  It must not exceed over 60 degrees centigrade

Panels are UV resistant panels

Technical Specifications:

Material:  Polyvinyl chloride

Use:  The panels are to be used as decorative wall and ceiling panelling

Maintenance:  We recommend the regular use of non-abrasive domestic cleansing products.  Do not use solvents or solvent containing products

Recycling:  This product is entirely recyclable

Environment:  Install the panels only in well ventilated areas.  Our products do not fear water or moisture

Non-observance of one or more of the recommendations releases the manufacturer of all responsibility

All data is provided in good faith.  Minor shape or colour alterations may occur due to manufacture.  Check all panels before fitting to walls or ceilings e.  Any complaints filed after installation will be rejected unless a fault occurs with structure then Manufactures will be notified.

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