Fix All High Tack White 290ml



Fixall High Tack could be the only adhesive and sealant you ever use. It has very high initial tack and can be applied in all weather conditions (including wet and damp surfaces) both internally and externally. It has no solvents and therefore no odours. It is suitable for sealing and bonding.
It has high adhesion on most construction materials (just make sure the surfaces are dust and oil free), and is overpaintable with most paints. It is non-staining on porous natrual stone and is suitable for sanitary applications.

Fix All High Tack is a high grade trade product, with extreme power and the following unique properties:

    • Extremely High Initial Strength = fixed after 1 second!
    • Can be painted immediately after application, even with water-based paints.
    • Easy to apply in all conditions
    • Bonds even onto humid surfaces
    • UV stable
    • Does not smell
    • Solvent free
    • Cures fast
    • No primer needed
    • In stock in 3 colours white, grey, and  black


      Fix All High tack is the perfect product for every heavy duty bonding application such as:

    • Bonding of very heavy materials
    • Repairing leaks (even under water)
    • Bonding of paintings and mirrors to walls
    • And many more

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