For 7/8mm Panels PVC Trims

These Trims are suitable for Panels which are 7mm or 8mm .We will check any orders you place and make sure you buy the correct trim. We will confirm any changes and prices with you before delivery.

  • From £21.00

    Trimlux Reg 25 is a flexible edging seal that is used on Shower trays baths and worktops Trimlux conceals and shields the silicone sealant inside the trim so no sealant slime, splitting or eyesores with Trimlux.Trimlux is a two part shower seal that ..

  • From £2.50

    The Cladseal End Caps are ideal for giving that perfect neat, 100% seal around your bath or shower tray. It is durable, flexible, hygienic and attractive. Cladseal meets BS 5385 recommendations.   ..

  • From £2.99

    Tile Rite End Cap and Corner kit for panels up to 8mm Corners and End Caps for use with Shower/bath seal The bath/shower seal kit can be used for easier and neater finishing when sealing. No unsightly silicone to see or discolour, fitting instructi..

  • From £9.00

    For use with max 8mm panel1.8m White Bath / Shower Seal use clear silicone with this product This is a must if you have bouncy/flexing flooring around the shower baseThis will give you a stronger seal with no visible silicone..