PVC Skirting & Coving

White PVC Coving and Skirting BoardIdeal if you want a low maintenance , easy to clean product to finish  any project.

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    Swish Skirting Board 95mm x 2.5M10mm thick OG Pvc Skirting Board 10mm deep 95mm(3.74") high and 2.5M long (8.22ft) Can be mitred into corners cut easily with a hand saw and fixed with adhesive (high tack FIX ALL)..

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    Skirting Board PVC 125mm x 2.5M18mm thick torus style 25mm UPVC Skirting, this is a 18mm thick white skirting board with an attractive torus moulding, equivalent to 5" it is a great alternative to wooden skirting boards. Easy to install.Just bond t..

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    25mm base  tapers to 8mm at the topAdd the 125mm Skirting for a low Maintenance life..

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    2 x 2.5m skirting 6mm thickThis is ideal for use as a skirting board , it is only 6mm thick so gives you added protection at the base of the panelling.You get 2 x 2.5M (8.2ft) , these can easily be stuck using panel adhesive or fix all to th..